the no show
Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

20 April - 27 May 2007



Panel Discussion with Maggie Hills, Steven Ball and Riccardo Iacono

10 May 2007

A site-specific seeing game, live-art work and curatorial project, formed through a combination of video, animation, performance, photography, painting and print.

The No Show resulted from a series of research visits to Castlefield Gallery, made during the changeover between exhibitions. This involved the artist observing and intervening in gallery activities by video recording, throwing and toying with objects in the space and discussing ideas and working processes with the gallery staff.

Iacono continued to work in the space during the exhibition, extending his processes of analysis and manipulation, to create a performance and time-based collage, combining his research material with artwork and artefacts from the previous gallery shows.

Wintergarden by Daria Martin; Making Love to My Ego, curated by Another Product; Untitled Horses by t s Beall and Khusra: Stains and Stencils by Qasim Riza Shaheen were all noticeable by their absence: All except for The Beast by Dutch artist, Arthur Neve; a large rabbit suit captured on video during the de-installation of the exhibition, Making Love to My Ego. Neve was invited to create a special presentation of The Beast for The No Show. This included a performance for camera, and the re-hanging of his rabbit suit.

Partitions and traces of other support structures used in previous exhibitions at the gallery were reintroduced into the space, modified and interwoven. Video footage was edited and relayed via 11 channels through projection and on wall and floor mounted monitors.

The lighting in the gallery was adjusted regularly, alternating and mixing tungsten light, with daylight. Masking tape and gaffa tape were used to bind materials together and create sculptural drawings tracing and marking the position of shadows and light at different times of day.

The sound in the exhibition included conversations with the public and gallery staff, together with hammering and drilling noises. Iacono also gave laser-guided tours which were recorded, edited and played back into the space.


  • Panel Discussion with Steven Ball, Maggie Hills and Riccardo Iacono

Castlefield Gallery

Maggie Hills

Steven Ball


Many thanks to volunteers and staff at Castlefield Gallery for their kind support.

Special thanks to Dawn Woolley (Another Product), Arthur Neve, Kwong Lee, Holly Jennison, Jon Turner, Richard Kendrick, Matthew Denniss, Sophia Crilly, Rose Cupit, Steven Ball, Maggie Hills and David Martin.




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